Great Expectations
Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
July 2013


I enjoy the uneasy combination of using ‘romantic’ forms such as flowers and leaves, in materials that are industrial, second rate or considered a bit dirty;  ‘base metals,’ auto paint, resin and pyrite or ‘fools gold.’ I am not interested in shiny or perfect. All metals are heat blackened and painted using mica powder. The mica has a pearlescent sheen suggesting fakery, like make-up on an ageing actress. I hope to suggest some sort of trickery at play. What lies beneath the paint and the glitter? What makes this work precious or non precious? Ugly or beautiful? How much is determined by the eye of the beholder? At what point do we tire and love or obsession fade? Jewellery like romantic love is highly subjective. I am excited by exploring these themes by using forms and materials that suggest the waters of romantic love are murky and a bit dangerous.


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